Environmental policy


This environmental policy sets goals and main principles in environmental protection and environmental safety in Fennovoima Hanhikivi-1 Nuclear Power Plant Project. The environmental policy defines commitment of RAOS Project Oy top management, as well as outlines their engagements in this field.

The environmental policy is aimed at ensuring that all environmental issues are considered throughout the construction of Hanhikivi-1 NPP, as well as at minimizing impacts caused by various construction activities to flora, fauna, nature conservation areas and the sea area nearby the Site.

The key principles observed in planning and implementing the environmental activities:

  • In order to meet the requirements of Fennovoima Oy, Finnish legislative requirements, permit requirements, as well as expectations of the public, the environmental issues are carried out in a way that makes all interested parties be confident in due identification and appropriate management of environmental hazards;
  • The principle of conformity: assurance of the compliance with Finnish legislative requirements, permit requirements and other applicable Project requirements in the field of environmental safety and environmental protection;
  • The principle of continual improvement: achieving and maintaining high level of overall environmental safety by applying the best available technologies among the existing and promising ones;
  • The principle of impact prevention: actions aimed at prevention of negative impacts on surrounding environment;
  • The principle of preparedness: constant preparedness to prevent and eliminate the potentials for environmental accidents and other emergencies during construction activities on Site;
  • The principle of consistency: systemic and comprehensive activities of the involved organizations and the industry as a whole to solve problems associated with the environmental safety;
  • The principle of openness: availability of transparent information on environmental aspects to be presented the public and interested parties.

The actions being undertaken to implement the key principles of environmental activities:

  • At all stages of the Project: to assess environmental risks of local, regional and global levels; to eliminate or reduce the identified risks in order to prevent accidents on Site and any adverse impact on environment;
  • To support environmental safety activities with necessary resources, including personnel, finances, technologies, equipment and work time;
  • To implement and maintain the best environmental management practices in accordance with the international and national standards of environmental management and safety;
  • To align the Company’s integrated management system with international and national best practices in the field od environmental safety, environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • To cooperate with the Owner, government and non-government environmental organizations;
  • To ensure openness and accessibility to objective, scientifically justified information on impacts of the Project activities on the environment and health of the personnel and general public in Hanhikivi-1 NPP region.

This environmental policy is subject to periodic review to reflect changing conditions and new scientific and technical achievements.

Managing Director
Grygorii Gromov