FH1 project policy


The Supplier follows Rosatom’s common corporate values: One Step Ahead; Responsibility for the Result; Efficiency; One Team; Respect; Safety.

The Supplier is committed to:

  • Understanding safety as the top priority with a focus on nuclear and radiation safety;
  • Establishing and maintaining the project management processes needed to ensure a high standard of nuclear safety and quality consistent with the Owner’s specifications and requirements;
  • Measuring, monitoring, documenting and reporting the project performance and objectives through internal assessments and management reviews;
  • Continually and comprehensively improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Project Integrated Management System to meet the project needs and expectations;
  • Establishing, maintaining and promoting a strong safety culture by ensuring a common understanding of the key aspects and principles among stakeholders;
  • Ensuring the sustainable development principles aiming at the use of natural resources as efficiently and purposefully as practically possible;
  • Considering the safety, quality, environmental, operational health and safety matters in decision-making based on the no-blame approach, taking into account the precedence of safety in all operations that may have an impact on nuclear safety, occupational health and safety, public or environment;
  • Taking adequate corrective and preventive actions when noted that a requirement has remained unfulfilled, and ensuring transparency in such situations;
  • Fostering a good relationship and transparency between the Owner and supply chain by effective communication, promotion of common goals and encouraging feedback;
  • A high level of the project and stakeholders’ integrity.

The Supplier’s management commits to conform to these requirements and constantly improve the Integrated Management System in accordance with the IAEA safety standards and requirements of other international standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001:2018, as well as the Finnish legislation and EPC Contract for the FH1 Project, in order to meet the legislative and other requirements in the area of nuclear safety, quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and to prevent environmental contamination and harm to health.

The Supplier’s management bears the responsibility to implement the Project in line with the national legislation, traditions and customs of the Republic of Finland, and to ensure the same in its supply chain. The Supplier’s management is also responsible for maintaining working and friendly cross-cultural interfaces on the Project.

The Supplier’s management is responsible for its supply chain with a view to ensure that every employee understands the intentions of this policy statement, applies and maintains them in day-to-day activities.

The Supplier’s management has the ultimate responsibility to maintain the FH1 Project Policy and undertakes to promote all initiatives to attain and improve the project performance in order to:

  • ensure a high level of design, equipment, works and services referred to as a ‘proven technology’ which meets the local regulatory requirements and the special characteristics of the site;
  • perform the contractual obligations in a timely manner with a high level of safety and quality;
  • provide all stakeholders with adequate information and training to ensure a high level of quality and a strong safety culture;
  • ensure that mutually beneficial and friendly relations between the Supplier, the Owner and other stakeholders are maintained.

By implementing this policy, the Supplier assures all project stakeholders of an excellent standard of the project carried out and services provided, and ensures that every employee or subsupplier constantly aims to improve the overall safety and quality of products and services.

Managing Director
Grygorii Gromov