Environmental policy


Environmental Policy

This Environmental Policy sets the goal, main principles and commitments in the field of the environmental protection and safety when implementing Fennovoima Hanhikivi 1 Nuclear Power Plant Project. The following determines the RAOS Project Oy top management engagements.

The environmental policy is aimed to ensure that all environmental issues are taken into account throughout the construction phase of Hanhikivi 1 NPP project and minimize impacts caused from the activities during construction to flora, fauna, nature conservation areas and the sea area in the surrounding area of the site.

In planning and implementing the environmental activities, the following basic principles will be implemented:

  • To meet the requirements of Fennovoima Oy, Finnish legislative requirements and permit requirements, as well as expectations of the public, the management of environmental issues will be carried out in such a way that all stakeholders will be left with no doubt that hazards to the environment have been identified and appropriately managed.
  • The principle of conformity: the assurance of conformity with Finnish legislative requirements and permit requirements and other requirements in the field of environmental safety and protection, close adherence of each employee to regulations and standards ensuring the safety of personnel and general public and preservation of the environment.
  • The principle of continual improvement: a system of actions focused on achieving and maintaining a high, in the world practice, level of all environmental safety on the basis of application of the best of existing and promising production technologies, ways and techniques of environmental protection, and development of the environment management system.
  • The principle of impact prevention: a system of priority actions aimed at prevention of negative impacts on man and environment.
  • The principle of availability: continuous readiness to prevent and eliminate environmental accidents and other emergencies during construction phase.
  • The principle of consistency: the systemic and comprehensive activities of enterprises and organizations and the industry as a whole to solve problems associated with the environmental safety insurance and conduct of environment preservation activities taking account of multi-faceted safety aspects at local, regional and global levels basing on modern concepts of risk and ecological damage analyses.
  • The principle of openness: openness and accessibility of environmental information, effective public information work.

    • To implement basic principles of the environmental activities, the following will be undertaken:

      • At all stages of the Project, to reveal, identify and systematize potential adverse environmental aspects of operations for further assessment and reduction of risks at local, regional and global levels, and prevention of accidents.
      • To support environmental safety activities with necessary resources, including personnel, finances, technologies, equipment and work time. • To implement and maintain the best environmental management practices in accordance with the international standards of environmental management and safety.
      • To carry out integration of the company system with international and national best practice and Project activities for the environmental safety, environmental protection and sustainable Project development, and interact and cooperate with the Owner, governmental and non-governmental environmentalist organizations.
      • To ensure openness of and accessibility to objective, scientifically justified inform ion on impacts of the Project activities on the environment and health of the personnel and general public in Hanhikivi 1 PP location region.

      The environmental policy is subject to periodic assessment, revision and updating each two years or, if necessary, in shorter time intervals to reflect changing conditions and new scientific and technical information.