Requirements for Equipment Suppliers


Main requirements to be met by equipment supplier to Hanhikivi-1 NPP:

  • Requirements of Nuclear Safety YVL Guides. Those guides shall be followed in Finland. They are issued by the Finnish state nuclear safety regulatory authority – STUK:
    • Published in English on the official website at: link
    • Published in Russian (in unofficial translation) at: link
  • IAEA rules and guidelines on nuclear safety, with regard to the life support of NPP buildings and facilities, and the supply of equipment and materials to NPPs. :
    • Published at (in English and in Russian): link

Requirements for Equipment Suppliers

Requirements of European and Finnish legislation. Published in English at:

  • Nuclear Energy Act (990/1987): link
  • Government Decree on the Safety of Nuclear Power Plants (717/2013): link
  • Nuclear Energy Decree (161/1988): link
  • SFS standards: link
  • Pressure Equipment Act 869/1999: link
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU): link
  • Government decree (400/2008) on the safety of Machinery: link
  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EC: link

Requirements of executed Supply Contract (draft Supply Contract will be presented to bidders as part of procurement documentation).

Requirements for Equipment Suppliers

Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, work, and services for Hanhikivi NPP shall obtain:

I. Approval by Finnish NPP Owner - Fennovoima Oy

All suppliers supplying equipment/performing work/delivering services related to safety shall be approved by Fennovoima Oy. Possible with audits to be conducted. Approval applies to awardees of procurement procedures at the stage after contract is executed, but before its performance starts.
The Owner shall always check that an enterprise has a valid system of:

  • quality management ISO 9001,
  • environmental management ISO 14001 (if applicable, depending on the company's business and the products/services to be delivered),
  • occupational safety 18001 (if applicable, depending on the company's business and the products/services to be delivered).

Enterprise’s management systems shall be confirmed by ISO certificate. The ISO international certificate is issued by certifying organizations from the IAF list (agreement on mutual recognition of international accreditation forum).

Information about the certifying organizations can be found at:

II. Approval by STUK (only applicable to manufacturers of equipment and performers of work that are critical to nuclear safety)

STUK approval is necessary to begin equipment manufacture. The approval requires to pass the Finnish state inspection as well as the approval of Construction plan document (more details are given in the YVL E3 Annex A).

If the procurement procedure involves third parties capable of delivering products important to nuclear safety, the manufacturers they represent shall undergo the approval procedure.

Also, STUK’s approval shall be obtained by central factory laboratories (CFL) or testing organizations for destructive and non-destructive testing methods. The approval is done against a package of documents and certificates provided and previously approved by the NPP Owner (more details are given in YVL E.12)

STUK’s approval shall be obtained by manufacturers of safety critical components (i.e. sub-contractors of any level).

Additional information:

  • A supplier candidate should have a European conformity certificate (CE). The official list of EU notified bodies authorized to assess an enterprise, its products and issue European conformity certificates (CE) is published in the NANDO's information system, at link
  • STUK, Fennovoima Oy, as well as the supplier itself may engage third parties to independently assess the conformity of a particular product. See link for more information

More detailed information of requirements for suppliers and products will be published in the procurement documentation for the equipment supply tenders.