Photo by Toni Pallari

 Dr. Rainer Goehring, Site Director of RAOS Project: “At the moment, we are building a large warehouse area next to the accommodation village. Each warehouse is 5000 m2 and we are building 8 warehouses in total. This means a huge area of storage space, like over 8 football pitches. Steel structures, roofs and walls are under construction now. Works continue in painting shop, reinforcement workshop, machine shop. Installation of steel structure and socle panels is underway in turbine workshop. Also, excavating works are ongoing in many different places of the site. Finalization works continue in the canteen, medical center, dressing rooms, and pumping station. Works are proceeding as planned. A great deal of infrastructure work has already been done at the site, and the support buildings for the nuclear power plant will also be completed on time. With arrival of spring, our work will progress even faster now that snow and frost are no longer a disadvantage”.

Safety is the highest priority at the Hanhikivi-1 site. Safety aspects are taken into account e.g. in site selection, hiring the best professional employees
and contractors, training employees to deliver works in a safe manner and with high quality, and building the required infrastructure.
The responsibility for the safety at the site lies with each employee.  

“Here at the accommodation village we handle the coronavirus situation using all practices that are available to us. We are proud that currently the situation remains stable and controllable. We monitor THL and newspapers daily, and are constantly updating and improving our approaches. Initially, we check where the new resident arrives from, whether voluntary quarantine is required or not. Those who arrived from red/gray zones are accommodated on isolated floors for the entire quarantine period”, tells Daniil Illarionov, Project Manager at WTS Services Ltd. And he continues, “All groups are listed daily to easily track connections and those exposed if any person tests positive. Fortunately, we have enough space at the accommodation village. We also have separate floors for positive-tested and exposed persons. Our administrators and cleaners are taught to provide all required services contactless. When accommodating, the administrator instructs every person/ group on key restrictions and news of COVID-19 safety. Every single floor in the common area is provided with printed up-to-date information. Any sufficient update is delivered to every company  manager to be spread among residents. We have imposed restrictions on gatherings, to the extent possible, for our employees, residents, and visitors. Our employees are supplied
with unlimited and freely available basic and FFP2 masks, sanitizers, and are monthly provided by safety training from our safety management.”

After long and dark winter sun is shining very brightly at the Hanhikivi site in Pyhäjoki. Georgi Mällo is working with a good feeling. He is responsible for the day-to-day on-site running. He organizes work with subcontractors of AS Maru Ehitus, and handles all issues on the site. One of Georgi’s tasks is to control the work quality and finalize completed part of work to
customer. Georgi studied at School Ahtme Gymnasium for 12 years and received professional higher education at Virumaa College of Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia, with a degree in construction engineering. After graduation, Georgi participated in many projects in civil construction like city library and social house renovation, as well as in the construction of turbines and flue gas desulfurization plants.

”I come from Estonia, from the country's main industrial city of Kohtla-Jarve. My family lives in Estonia. The city is highly industrial, and is both processor of oil shales and large producer of various petroleum products. I am happy to work at Hanhikivi-1 construction, which is qualified project and a great experience for me. Pyhäjoki is a nice, quiet place to live and it has a pure nature. It feels good to be here”.