Titan-2 signs contract on the construction of site offices and social spaces


The project-specific contract with AS MARU EHITUS covers the construction of two three-storey site offices, and a first-aid facility. The contract includes both the design and construction works. The construction works will begin in early 2017 and their intended end date is late autumn 2017. The total floor area of the buildings in this project is ca. 8,500 m2.

The offices will be used by the chief contractor Titan-2 and the power plant supplier RAOS Project Oy. Each building will contain work spaces for 200 people and meeting rooms.

UAB Profileksas will carry out the planning and construction of social spaces. The social spaces are intended for 2,600 people and they will be completed in four stages. Works on the first stage will begin in early 2017 and be completed in spring 2017. The planned completion of this second project is in spring 2018.

Further information:

Titan-2: Mihail Tchitcherin, PR Manager, +358 40 515 1137, m.tchitcherin@titan2.fi

Background information:

AS MARU EHITUS is part of the Estonian construction concern AS MARU, which fulfils turnkey projects. The company has operated in Estonia and other European countries since 2000.

UAB Profileksas is one of Lithuania's largest construction companies, which specialises in module building.