RAOS Project submitted Preliminary Safety Analysis Report for Hanhikivi 1 to Fennovoima. Works on construction site continue on schedule.


December 14, 2021, Helsinki. – RAOS Project, the Supplier of Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant, has completed development of the Preliminary Safety Analysis Report for Hanhikivi 1 (FH1 PSAR) in November 2021 and submitted it to Customer Fennovoima for review. By November, Fennovoima has already delivered 11 out of 15 batches of FH1 PSAR to the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).

FH1 PSAR is a key technical licensing document required for safety assessment of the plant. A Team of more than 60 international experts developed it based on the design documentation of Hanhikivi 1 during last 3 years.

FH1 PSAR development went in parallel with addressing safety issues that STUK raised in 630 clarification requests after reviewing earlier submitted batches. By December 1, the response was given to 70% of all clarification requests. RAOS Project’s focus shifts into ensuring swift and comprehensive addressing of requests for additional information and closing of the remaining open issues for the construction license.

In 2021, the general designer Atomenergoproekt together with RAOS Project’ Engineering finalized NPP technical design that makes it possible to transfer licensing documentation to the Finnish Regulator STUK. Customer Fennovoima accepted the Basic Design required for licensing in October. Development of the Detail Design documentation is a major Engineering task for the upcoming period.

Works on site continued as planned. More than 80% of the supply chain are Finnish companies. In average, every day more than 350 people of supply chain companies have been working at the construction site in 2021. In December, the number of workers on the site reached 500. 

Excavation of the main pit commenced in August. Soil removing and blasting works are ongoing to reach the level of 2 meters below sea level in the 1st quarter 2022. General contractor Titan-2 will continue main pit excavation to reach the design level of about 21 meters deep. Executed works at the site in 2021 include buildings and structures such as seawater offtake channel, outlet structure dams and temporary dams to protect the entrance into the tunnels, the office buildings, the site canteen and the access control points. Several buildings are already in the process of performance test, namely the change rooms, the boiler heating plants, the warehouses and further networks installations. Significant progress was made on the reinforcement shops, manufacturing facilities and laydown areas.

RAOS Project maintains a transparent and open line of communication with regional and local stakeholders; information is exchanged almost on a daily basis. Company representatives participate regularly in 14 different public working groups and local committees, and work very closely with regional municipalities, business organizations and media.


Grigorii Gromov, CEO, RAOS Project:

“The successes of 2021 confirm that with our Project Team working efficiently and in a well-coordinated manner with our customer Fennovoima and the supply chain, there are no impossible missions and we together are able to take on the challenges ahead of us”.

Yuriy Aleksyeyev, Licensing and Nuclear Safety Director, RAOS Project:

“Now when we have finalized FH1 PSAR, the basis to perform the safety assessment for the Finnish Regulator is ready. The design and planned operation of Hanhikivi power plant are in compliance with the Finnish nuclear safety requirements and regulations.”

Ivan Doshchuk, Engineering Director, RAOS Project:

“During 2021, we finalized technical issues that remained open in 2020. The 3D model of several NPP buildings and the I&C architecture were brought to the required level of detail. Thanks to the Digital Information Model of the NPP, the implementation of these developments in the project documentation was made with surgical precision - maintaining full integrity and traceability of technical solutions throughout the process.”

Dr. Rainer Goehring, Site Director, RAOS Project:

“The First Nuclear Safety Concrete is scheduled for middle of 2023 provided Fennovoima obtains the Construction License in 2022. These two key milestones dictated the 2021 activities on the site. One of the most visible tasks was the manufacturing of the caissons of the culvert structures that are the first permanent structures of the NPP. The caissons were shipped over fr om Tallinn to the Site and placed on their final location in November.”

Outi Pelkonen, PR Manager, RAOS Project:

“It is very inspiring to be part of many development groups like for logistics, education, industries and needs of local services as well as attractiveness of the region, recruitment network and regional marketing, and to see people`s enthusiasm to develop the region wh ere we all live and work.

Despite the coronavirus and limited face to face meetings, we have achieved a lot, and have given good support and know-how to our stakeholders in Northern Ostrobothnia and to overall audience in Finland as well as learned a lot ourselves.”


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About Hanhikivi 1 NPP construction project

The Hanhikivi 1 NPP Project provides for the construction of a single-unit nuclear power plant based on a modern Russian-designed Generation III+ VVER 1200 reactor with a capacity of 1200 MW.

The Customer, Owner and Operator of the future NPP is the Finnish company Fennovoima.

RAOS Project Oy, a 100% subsidiary of Rusatom Energy International JSC (Rosatom State Corporation company), is the plant Supplier of the Hanhikivi 1 NPP under the EPC Contract (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) signed with Fennovoima on December 21, 2013.

Hanhikivi 1 NPP will be built on the Hanhikivi cape of the Bothnian Bay in the municipality of Pyhäjoki in Northern Ostrobothnia of Finland.

At present, the project is at the stage of licensing and preparatory work at the plant construction site.



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