RAOS Project News 09.2021


In March 2021, RAOS Project supply chain was expanded to include Rusatom Automated Control Systems JSC (RASU JSC, a company of Rosatom State Corporation) – the supplier for the development of design documentation and complete supply of I&C systems, equipment and components including I&C integrator services. All equipment sub-suppliers wishing to participate in the Hanhikivi 1 project can find general requirements to subcontractors at www.raosproject.fi/procurement Information, including the tendering timelines for the direct supplies to RAOS Project including diesel generators, main transformers, full scale simulators and cranes will be published on the website: www.raosproject.fi If your organization is a candidate equipment/services supplier for our project, you may send a request for including the organization in the candidate supplier list to EquipmentProcurement@rosatom.fi If your organization specializes in construction works or auxiliary equipment, please contact Hanhikivi 1 main construction supplier, contact information can be found at https://www.titan2.ru/en/hanhikivi-1

The photo exhibition of Leningrad-2 nuclear power plant is open in Pyhäjoki library, Ruukintie 1, on September 1-30, 2021.
Open: Monday and Thursday at 11-16, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 11-20.


Dr. Rainer Goehring has worked for RAOS Project as Site Director in the Hanhikivi project for almost five years. In total, RAOS Project currently has 50 employees already working at the site. More are coming regularly, and next year we expect RAOS Project team in Pyhäjoki to reach 200 people. About 400 more employees work in the offices in Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Dr. Goehring, what has been the most challenging in this project? The main challenge is currently the provision of the documentation for the nuclear construction license to be released by STUK, prerequisite for the construction of the new nuclear power plant. Achieving construction readiness is the key focus for RAOS Project and the main contractor – Titan 2, but particularly for the Site team presently. The construction site has to be prepared, the construction base with offices and manufacturing facilities, the earth and tunnel works completed, before the first nuclear concrete can be poured. What is happening on the site now and what are the plans for the rest of the year? We have resumed the blasting and excavation works on the main pit. Work is progressing according to our plan.


This year, we arranged a Baltic Sea-themed photo competition. We received many great pictures. The winner of the 2021 competition is Julia Virtanen from Fennovoima. Thanks to all those who participated in the marine photo contest and congratulations to Julia! Baltic Sea Day is an annual theme day to inspire actions and thoughts, launched by the John Nurminen Foundation in 2019. Goal is to inspire and invite everyone to join:
• make the Baltic Sea #1 topic on one day
• give a chance to educate and learn
• increase understanding and interest
• lead by example and give hope
• celebrate in all countries around the Baltic Sea


Pyhäjoki, a municipality of only 3,000 residents, is getting ready to receive thousands of people from other parts of Finland and from all over the world. This is thanks to the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant construction site and other current development
projects located in the area. Welcome to Pyhäjoki! Project, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) for the years 2019-2022, helps to prepare the Municipality for this major change. It also offers support with everyday matters to those moving to, or working in Pyhäjoki. The main goal is to build a network of multiple actors to facilitate the integration of new residents, and to prevent unemployment and isolation among the spouses and partners. In short, we help people moving to Pyhäjoki to become part of the local community. The project organizes events, study trips and training events, provides guidance and language learning possibilities, and promotes two-way integration. All our events and services are “open for all” to encourage interaction between the old and the new Pyhäjoki residents. We also assist companies and associations in their internationalization. The Project Manager, Katinka Käyhkö, is originally from Eastern Finland. She is an adult educator with a special focus on assisting the integration of migrants in different contexts. She has also lived, worked, and studied in Latin America for almost a decade. The Project Coordinator, Tanja Ryymin, lives in Oulu with her family and is originally from Northern Savonia. Tanja is a specialist in coaching. She has worked previously in education exports, managing international affairs and organizing study tours for experts visiting Finland.
Further information: www.pyhajoki.fi/en/welcome