Northern Industry exhibition in Oulu on May 25–26, 2016


Northern Industry 2016 Major Event filled up the Oulu hall once again. It gathered over 360 professionals of mining, steel-, paper-, pulp- and chemical industry, machine shop and decision makers of other fields of industry in Oulu under the same roof.

RAOS Project, Titan2, Rosatom and Fennovoima had a joint, Hanhikivi 1 stand at the exhibition. All companies are part of team which are building up a new nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki. The joint stand gave a good overview of Hanhikivi project. The brand new Hanhikivi video, which was made for the event and visible in the stand, expressed the size of entire project.

The first day was quite busy with good networking contacts. Hopefully next events will be as successful also.