The first blasting of rock took place on the construction site


The event took place in solemn atmosphere in presence of honorable guests: Kirill Komarov, Deputy General Director of State Corporation “Rosatom”, Grigoriy Naginskiy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “TITAN-2” Holding, Minna Forstrom, Project Director of Fennovoima Oy, and Matti Soronen, Mayor of Pyhajoki.

In memory of this event, a metal plate in the Finnish, Russian and English languages has been installed on a rock.

Drilling, blasting works and excavation works have been entrusted to a Finnish contractor DESTIA LTD. According to the contract terms, Finnish specialists will also have to build temporary roads, drainage channels, provide temporary power supply and lighting of the area.

After the solemn ceremony, the Russian-Finnish delegation took part in opening of the office of RAOS Project Oy which is the general contractor for construction of "Hanhikivi-1” nuclear power plant. Afterwards, the participants of the meeting answered questions of Finnish journalists in the mayor office of Pyhajoki.