RAOS Project

RAOS Project

RAOS Project Oy is a subsidiary of Rosatom Energy International which is a part of Rosatom State corporation. Rosatom is in charge of all sectors relating to nuclear energy in Russia.

RAOS Project office in Pyhäjoki.

Rosatom is the world`s only company of a complete nuclear power cycle with more than 70 years of experience. Rosatom has 340 subsidiaries and partner companies, which have a total of 250 000 employees.

Fennovoima’s plant supplier RAOS Project Oy and its owner RAOS Voima Oy are part of the Rosatom group. RAOS Project has offices in Pyhäjoki, Helsinki, St. Peterburg and Moscow. Currently RAOS Project employs 100 persons in Pyhäjoki and Helsinki and 234 persons in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Totally RAOS Project has 334 employees and recruitment continues.

Fennovoima’s future Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant uses Rosatom’s VVER-1200 technology: it has been proven in decades of use, but at the same time, it represents—having gone through many development phases—the latest generation of VVER power plants in Loviisa in Finland, two VVER-440 plant units have been in safe operation for decades.