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RAOS Project Oy, a subsidiary of Rosatom, is the plant supplier of Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant. Power plant units will be built on the Hanhikivi peninsula in Pyhäjoki, with a thermal power of 3 220 megawatts and 1 200 megawatts of electric power, in addition to all the other facilities required to operate them. The nuclear power plant will be completed in 2028. The project will increase employment and improve the purchasing power of Finnish households for decades to come.

Annual Hanhikivi-1 Business Seminar held in St. Petersburg
The third Hanhikivi-1 Business Seminar for potential partners and contractors of the Hanhikivi-1 NPP construction project was held in St. Petersburg on 19-20 April 2018. It was organized by the Association of Finnish Nuclear Industry – FinNuclear. The first two seminars were held in Oulu (Finland) in 2016 and 2017.
Regional Resource Flows in Northern Ostrobothnia have been clarified - New information on the effects of the Hanhikivi 1 project
The Northern Ostrobothnia resource flows were mapped using the resource flow model co-developed by Ramboll Finland and the Natural Resources Institute Finland. The research mapped out the resource flows in the region as well as their impact on production's added value, employment and the environment. The study also aimed to indentify means to improve resource efficiency in the region.
FinNuclear organizes Hanhikivi 1 -seminar in St. Petersburg on April 19, 2018
Hanhikivi-1 business seminar offers the latest and useful information for businesses interested or already involved in the project. This is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge on Finnish nuclear project practices.

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Rosatom finances the renovation of the Pyhäjoki Ice Rink
Support the sporting activities of local people.